Social Prescribing

The Aim of Social Prescribing

Is to support patients to manage their mental and physical health and wellbeing by signposting them to sources of support and information within the community. It means different things to different people.

  • Family friends and support networks
  • Hobbies and learning new skills: gardening, playing sport, cooking, arts and crafts
  • Being active
  • Eating healthily
  • Employment or volunteering
  • Basic needs – having access to enough money, food, heating, lighting, clothing

social prescribing

Who can be referred

  • Anyone who is aged 18 or over and falls under one or more of the criteria below:
  • People with one or more long-term health conditions
  • People who need support with their mental health
  • People who are lonely or isolated
  • People who have complex social needs like housing, requiring legal and financial advice on welfare issues, in home support, transport, etc.

Who may not be suitable for Social Prescribing?

  • People with severe and enduring mental health conditions or severe LD
  • People who are under the influence of drugs and alcohol and who are not willing and able to engage
  • People who can get support from specialist services like Dementia Wellbeing Service; we can support these people by working with their family members/carers and also providing carers support
  • We can’t speed up the social housing process